Of the Students

IHOIK belongs to you, the student community. We dream to make Kota a safer and a better place, and that's possible only by our collective efforts. Every single student is a part of our family, the IHOIK Family.

By the students

It Happens Only in Kota is run by highly professional and skilled team of present and ex-Kotaites. An organization run by the students can easily connect to the needs, problems and emotions of the students. This also provides the students a liberty to interact with us, without a single iota of doubt.

For the students

Every content and information provided and every event organized by IHOIK is specially curated as per the requirements of the student community. Apart from providing personal guidance to ensure the individual and academic excellence of the students, IHOIK also organize events to provide the bright brains of the city with some respite from the incessant burden of competitive academics.

Our Blog

NIRF 2021: The India Ranking

Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan released the NIRF Ranking 2021 on Thursday listing the top institutes and universities in India this year. The education minister went…


For you, Forever
Your constant support away from home.

About Us?

The education city Kota, its attitude and approach required some changes, in November 2012 our founder Anshu Maharaj felt the need to establish communication among students and right there the idea of 'It Happens Only in Kota' became a reality. The aim and the motto of the organization is to counter stress, home-sickness, diversion from the right track and performance-pressure through proper communication, professional guidance and personal assistance. The idea of spreading smile on each face in this city of competition Started getting a shape by 2014 via Facebook and our debut on Instagram in 2017 expanded the family even wider. Starting from scratches and reaching the point where we stand today, we can proudly say that we have contributed our part in making 'Kota: A better and Safer' place.


Sugan Dham Tower Ist Floor, Jawahar Nagar, Kota(Raj.)

Email Id: help@ihoik.com, ithappensonlyinkota@gmail.com
Contact No : 8969384281, 9636588278