Blossom of Words

In this dreary and distraught world of today, eyes start to hurt from the absence flamboyance. In the grey city life, one might often be left wandering in search of respite. What we forget is that each one of contain innumerable hues of life. Young minds are often bubbling with these hues and are left craving for a rostrum that attempts to bring out the best of them.

This led to the genesis of ‘Blossom of Words’, an open-mic event conducted by It Happens Only in Kota. The conception saw its daylight on 4th of August, 2019 and proudly celebrated the Friendship Day. The fresh aura of this phenomenal event attracted over 100 students who were stringed together with the delicate yarn of art. With over 20 performances ranging from poetry and music to stand ups, the grandeur broke all records of the city’s history of open-mic events.

With the support of eminent faculty members, celebrated poets, patrons of art and enthusiastic brands, this event made sure to encompass the community as a whole and this acceptance, needless to say, was overwhelming for us.

We at IHOIK, expectantly look forward to the continuity of this splendour with many more such events of Blossom of Words, for we cannot wait to witness the spells cast by our young minds. This event is a humble reminder about how much more there is to life other thanthe hustle and bustle of this exhausting world, for in the words of William Henry Davies:

“What is this life if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare…”