About Us

The education city Kota, its attitude and approach required some changes, in November 2012 our founder Anshu Maharaj felt the need to establish communication among students and right there the idea of 'It Happens Only in Kota' became a reality. The aim and the motto of the organization is to counter stress, home-sickness, diversion from the right track and performance-pressure through proper communication, professional guidance and personal assistance. The idea of spreading smile on each face in this city of competition Started getting a shape by 2014 via Facebook and our debut on Instagram in 2017 expanded the family even wider. Starting from scratches and reaching the point where we stand today, we can proudly say that we have contributed our part in making 'Kota: A better and Safer' place. It Happens Only in Kota is run by highly professional and skilled team of present and ex-Kotaites.To sum up, we are an organization of students, by students and for Students. Our social media handles will make you burst into laughter and at the same time will take you on a long drive of nostalgia. We provide verified information regarding every aspect of medical and engineering competitive examinations and guide Kotaites throughout their Kota journey. Our premier campaigns include 'Say No To Suicide', 'Rescue relief and fundraiser in any crisis situation' and being the voice of the students in time of need. Pre-Diwali Celebration 'Kota Lantern Festival', Open mic event 'Blossom of Words' and adventurous tour series 'Excursion' are our initiative to keep the right mix of fun with ever growing study pressure. Our special merchandise section 'Ihoik Styles' crafts tailor-made products which relates to your stay at the Kota City. 'IHOIK Food' was launched with an aim to satiate night-hunger of the students because, this city barely sleeps. With over a lac on Facebook and close to half a lac on Instagram, we have developed a community which we can proudly call a family, in these years we have successfully created the environment where IHOIK has became a synonym of companion to every Kotaite. With a concentrated followers base, IHOIK has proved itself as the right place to promote any organization. Presence of IIT Roorkee, IIT Guwahati, IIT Kharagpur, NIT Jammu, Radio City, Homeversity etc. In our brand association column, speaks volumes about the trust we have made and the professionalism with which we have delivered. We are still focussed to reach even the last student of the city and help him/her to our full potential. We have always said that 'Family We Say, Family We Mean' and we promise every Kotaite that we will stand by them, how adverse the situation may be. For you, Forever.