Kota Lantern Festival is an unique idea to celebrate the festival of lights, Diwali. It's inception dates back to 2017 when 'It Happens Only in Kota' in association with 'Rajasthan Blog' executed this innovative concept in order to encourage the idea of pollution free Diwali.

Kota, as a center of education and a hub producing thousands of engineers and doctors each year, has achieved several laurels over the years and when it's about setting a trend to keep our environment intact, the city is leading by examples, again.

'Kota Lantern Festival', popularly known as KLF is a congregation of blazing lantern show, foot-tapping music by renowned bands and gourmet dining. With it comes a reason of rejoice, with it comes an exuberance beyond measure, with it comes the evening of celebration. KLF is our very own reason of revelry.

A swarm of people swirling & twirling on the intoxicating and groovy beats of the dopest bands, aroma of delicious cuisines in the air, picturesque art installations, and thousands of lantern propelling into the dark sky make KLF a perfect place to be and a perfect way to greet Diwali.

The event has gain popularity with increasing number of editions and the footfall has always maintained an exponentially upward graph. From 1500 in 2017 to 3500 in 2018 and to a whopping 4500 in 2019, KLF has placed itself well above any other event in the town in terms of attendees. Now, it’s your turn to make memories of lifetime… Get ready to witness a Diwali before Diwali, Get ready to witness the electrifying Kota Lantern Festival.

Dates of upcoming edition to be announced soon, right here.